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Restore a Refreshed, Youthful Appearance to Your Face

Aging of the face is inevitable, and, with time, the skin on the face and neck loosen. Age, sun exposure, gravity, and genetics all contribute to skin changes. Fine lines become wrinkles, and gradually become deeper folds. The jaw line softens into jowls, and beneath the chin, excess skin starts to sag.

As the aging population grows, it is no wonder why a facelift has become the third-most performed facial cosmetic procedure. A facelift restores a refreshed, youthful contour to loose skin and softens wrinkles without looking tight or unnatural. For some people, an eyelid lift is a complementary procedure that can create total facial rejuvenation.

What To Expect From A Facelift

A facelift is performed by making small incisions in the natural contours of the face in order to minimize scarring. From there, underlying tissues and muscles are tightened and repaired to improve the facial contours. In some cases, excess fat can be removed through liposuction. This will be discussed in depth during your consultation, if necessary. Before closing the incisions, excess skin is trimmed and pulled tight for a more youthful appearance.

Scarring and bruising will continue to fade over time to reveal a much brighter and refreshed look. Keep in mind

Scheduling a Consult

Your plastic surgeon will discuss the details of a facelift during your consultation in one of our Georgia or South Carolina offices. Call 912.920.2090 or complete and submit the form to schedule a confidential facelift consultation with Drs. Shanklin, McGovern, or Huntly.