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DIEP Flap Savannah GA

Combining Microsurgery with Advanced Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Our plastic surgeons have extensive training and experience with microsurgery and advanced breast reconstruction techniques that allow them to offer tissue-only breast reconstruction with the muscle-sparing DIEP flap procedure.

DIEP flap breast reconstruction is one of the methods to create a natural-looking breast with your own skin and fat tissue, but without the need to sacrifice abdominal muscle or the need for implants. Many times, women will choose to have their DIEP flap reconstructive breast surgery performed immediately after their mastectomy.

The DIEP flap procedure may not be right for all women, but it can be a very beneficial procedure to those with enough donor skin and tissue necessary for the surgery. During your consultation, we will outline any risks and discuss your expectations to determine the best treatment plan for you. Our goal is to provide you with results that both look and feel natural so that you may move on without a constant reminder of your fight against breast cancer.

The DIEP Flap Procedure

During the DIEP flap procedure, we will carefully remove donor tissue, fat, and skin from your abdominal region. Unlike with other reconstructive procedures, the abdominal muscles will not be affected. Having a skin-sparing mastectomy, in which your doctor preserves much of the skin of your breast while removing the tissue, can also help prior to your DIEP flap procedure.

Because the DIEP flap surgery is using your own skin and tissue to recreate your breast, results often appear very natural. However, as an extremely complex reconstructive procedure, it is important to only consult with a certified plastic surgeon with plenty of microsurgery experience.

Scheduling a Consult

Your plastic surgeon will discuss the details of a DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure during your consultation in one of our Georgia or South Carolina offices. Call 912.920.2090 or complete and submit the form to schedule a confidential DIEP flap breast reconstruction consultation with Drs. Shanklin, McGovern, or Huntly.