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Increase Sexual Satisfaction and Decrease Urinary Leakage

Reclaim your “pre-baby body” through a form of energy medicine that uses heat therapy delivered via radio frequency (RF) waves to promote collagen synthesis, shrinkage and tightening of female tissues.

In this non-invasive 30-45 minute procedure you can increase your sexual satisfaction as well as rid urinary leakage, orgasm dysfunction, prolapse, vaginal laxity, and/or vaginal dryness as a result of childbirth or a change in hormone status.

ThermiVa Can Enhance Your Quality of Life

Tightening occurs at the vaginal opening and throughout the full course of the vagina. Women and their partners notice these changes immediately after their ThermiVa treatments.
Reduce urinary leaking and urge. When Thermiva is used with pelvic floor physical therapy many women are able to avoid bladder surgeries like the mesh and sling.
Treatments may increase nerve sensitivity, stronger pelvic floor muscular contractions and the capability to achieve orgasms in a shorter period of time. Thermiva treatments to the clitoral and g-spot areas are very safe.
Tightens labial tissues and helps to reduce sagging, camel toe appearance and results in smoother and softer skin. Women also have more comfort in tight clothing such as bikinis, Jeans and Leotards and have less awareness.

Vaginal moisture both inside and out increases and helps soften and thicken the vulva-vaginal skin. These changes lead to less sexual pain and more sexual satisfaction.

The vulva-vaginal tissue tighten during ThermiVa treatments resulting in a tightening or pulling in of the prolapse organs. Research is showing an improvement in prolapse by as much as one grade reduction after ThermiVa™ therapy.
Your plastic surgeon will discuss the details of ThermiVa during your consultation in one of our Georgia or South Carolina offices. Call 912.920.2090 or complete and submit the form to schedule a confidential ThermiVa consultation with Drs. Shanklin, McGovern, or Huntly.